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December 14, 2012


Engineer Builds a Gingerbread House Using Lasers

(Thanks to Steve @ Secret Location)


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Just an ordin ary guy,
Burnin' Out the House.

WOuldn't that tend to melt the icing and the candies? Just askin'

I read it fast and thought it said "latkes" - which would be a lot more tasty.

The last time I tried to make a Gingerbread House I ended up glueing it together so it wouldn't fall apart. I'll pass on the lasers.

More cowbell!

Mebbe Hansel & Gretl should've been carryin' a Laser gun.

Purely for defensive purposes, of course.

"Do you expect me to talk?!"

"No, Mr. Hansel, I expect you to die!"

“The biggest problem with the cutting was the smell... It was something between burned cake and burned hair.”

What would fit between burned cake and burned hair?
A trip to the bathroom mebbe?

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