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December 20, 2012


Flamingo lawn ornament attack in Hobe Sound

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I always wondered why my wife wouldn't let me put lawn flamingos in the yard. I guess I have to admit that it was for everyone's safety.

Next on Fox: When lawn ornaments go bad

Isn't Flamingo dancing very popular in some parts of the world?

Past time for strict federal controls.

We need an Assault Flamingo Ban!

Put Joe Biden in charge of the task force.

Joe Biden says no one's ever going to take away HIS lawn ornament. They're still trying to pry Charlton Heston's lawn ornament out of his hands.

The boyfriend's mother "... said her son cried for two hours."
There is no situation that your mother, with little apparent effort, can't make infinitely worse.

She flipped him the bird. Not to mention that the "girlfriend" could have been his mother. Ewwww.

Obama: " If you like your lawn ornament, you can keep it. "

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