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December 16, 2012


...where this individual was arrested:


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who's guessing he's single)


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I'm beeting he might be single...

Make that 'betting'...

I'd think he'd be arrested in every state.

I'm shocked! He looks like such a nice, normal moron.

I tried, but I can't decipher the script word below his right eye. Looks like Dahymoh ... ? Or maybe Dahymok? Is this another hip cultural reference I'm too old and slow to understand? Or a really expensive, permanent typo?

It's an anagram!
He has his father's eyes!

Note to self: Do not get face covered in tattoos if planning to participate in clandestine illegal activities.

Don't you Floridians got no fashion sense? Dreadlock the beard to complete the look.

confusion. state of confusion.

Waking up with that next to me could possibly be my worst nightmare.

Like George Carlin said:

"One reason not to get a tattoo is that a tattoo is positive identification. No one should ever do anything to help the police, especially when you may be the object of their interest."

Each facial tattoo you get is a chink in that shield you use to keep the world at bay.
Enough chinks and you build a shield that will protect you from any social interaction.
Then, you get to prison and find the flaw in your clever plan.

I think I meant "link".
There was a flaw in my clever plan.

@queensbee I was going to go with inebriation. But confusion will do.

I bet he wonders why no one grants him a second interview for his desired career, that of an investment banker.


A little shave, some laser work and that will fix this fine young man right up....or not.

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