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December 11, 2012


London Attacked by Giant Rubber Duck


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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'And why were you late this morning?'

'The bridge was up to let a rubber duck pass through.'

'We won't be needing your services anymore.'

The scary thing is: that thing is just a duckling. They're yellow when young, but grow other colors when they mature. So in a few months, it might just return to devour Buckingham Palace.

Also, it probably thinks that tugboat is its mother. The boat pilot had better find other work, quickly.

"Online bingo company?"

Call my broker!

rubber duckie, youre the one, rubber duckie.......

I love this but I have a feeling if this had happened in Miami it would have lasted about 30 seconds.

Whya no chicken?

Just Some Guy: you've just written the next SyFy Channel Saturday night movie!

Jeff Meyerson, that's brilliant. Will you co-produce?

It came in peace. Just one piece. It was a sunny day, and it made people happy. (sounds of laughter and applause) And it left in peace. But then...

...it came back. (sounds of deep-bass quacking; footage of huge mallard drake trampling Big Ben and London Bridge, which, strangely, is in Lake Havasu City, AZ...maybe this shows frightening migratory powers...needs work, maybe)

And one man, a humble tugboat pilot, is London's only hope. (footage of homeless, unshaven Londoner staring in horror) Not much hope. Just a small piece.

Too bad Dennis Hopper's dead. He'd be great to play the duck.

At the end of the movie, the duck is flying off after destroying much of London.
A missile is fired, in a last, desperate effort to save the rest of the world.
There's a large explosion.
As the credits roll, a lone feather floats down. A lone, gigantic feather.
Which crushes Forrest Gump.

Get me YouTube!

Trojan duck!

The invaders will be easy to spot. They'll be be dizzy and will be speaking in really high squeaky voices.

Is this one of those fundraising deals where they float thousands of duckies and a winner is chosen at the end?

By the way, Jeff, Steve, Omniskeptic, and pretty much everyone who reads this blog (and especially Dave and Judi), I can't recommend Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus strongly enough. I'm pretty sure there's an exploding whale in there somewhere.

I want Giant Rubber Ducky vs. Sta-Puft Man! Explosive action!

Didn't Dr Who do this episode?

wiredog, I'm guessing it was more likely Dr. Whyfo.

This is Duck One. That's why England is better than France. The French forgot Two Duck....

Thanks, PirateBoy. That was today's chuckle.

Just One Guy: missed that one (fortunately, judging by the review) but did see the other Deborah Gibson epic (set in Florida, of course): Mega Python vs. Gateroid, which featured the memorable (yet somehow, ignored by the Academy, catfight with Tiffany).

All we need is about 150 Gallons of Duck Sauce and a really big Wok!

Oh, wow, Jeff Meyerson. I've seen shark and octopus and shark and crocosaurus, but I haven't finished the trilogy. Thank you, thank you for helping me 'n' the boys out here.

BTW, Crocosaurus has Tiffany as well. The special effects are...special.

You should see the size of my LOOFAH!

Quack quack, m*****f*****.


Too late, they already surrendered last spring.

I am on an American flight and I swear a giant duck just flew by.

Must be Global Warming.

Ministry of Defense. What's your emergency?

You will not believe what my dog just brought home!

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