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December 05, 2012


A TV station has been flooded with complaints after broadcasting an interview with a headmistress - showing a giant cartoon penis drawn on the blackboard behind her.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)



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oh. slovakia. very different. never mind.

As the proud owner of one of these things, I have to say it took me quite some time to see it on the blackboard. Still don't see much of a resemblance.

"The name's Head. Dick Head."

be formal. richard head.

Nice choice of stills. Look at that headmistress expression. I'm a-stayin' offa her lawn.

At least it wasn't a Powerpoint slide show.

And as I think I've said before, one of our more annoying local pols here was a guy named, very appropriately, Richard Headlee.

So the story about Slovakia was found on a Romanian newspaper based in Austria and written in English...

Я не знаю ничигою.

That should be ничиго

Why would someone draw a picture of Bill Maher in Slovakia?

Who's going to tell them to blow the nose?

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