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December 14, 2012


Dutch scientist Peter Barthel, from the Kapeteyn Astronomical Institute in the Netherlands, is on a quest to correct the scientific mistakes on Christmas cards, children's books and even wrapping paper.

(Thanks to The Perts)

Nobody tell this guy about the flying reindeer.


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I'm guessing he's single, ladies.


And likely to stay so.

I see the bad moon arising. I see trouble on the way.

I think someone needs a girlfriend.

It's OK, Ralph.
There's a bathroom on the right.

He does have a point, though. This is something the Babylonians understood well, which is just not known today. And I have a soft spot in my heart for passionately insane astronomers, like Neil Degrasse Tyson.

I'll reserve judgement on his personal life.

Talk about yer war on Christmas!

Santa is magic. He can do anything. Even move the moon.

I always heard that line as "There's a baboon on the right." Actually makes more sense that way.

I feel this guy's pain. Drives me nuts when a TV show has a rotating globe AND IT'S ROTATING IN THE WRONG FRIGGIN' DIRECTION! The Daily Show is just one example.

Yup, Layzee, and not-so-coincidentally Degrasse Tyson gave John Stewart good-natured grief on the air about that.

Well, if you assume the baboon can use the BATHROOM, then...wait, how does the rest go?

OK, historical stuff from a history teacher. Jesus was not born on Christmas day. It is the day we celebrate his birth, not the day of his birth. That day was selected by early church leaders because 1: They didn't know when he was born, and 2: There was already a holiday they wanted to Christianize—Saturnalia. It included all the green and red stuff we see at Christmas. I am a Christian and I celebrate Christmas, but I know it is not Jesus’ birthday. Many scholars think he was born in March.

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