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December 10, 2012


Burglary Suspect Arrested, Escapes In Police Car

(Thanks to Loudmouth and Bill Hudgins)


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Was his name Daniel Simpson Day?

The police training films included videos of STARTREK and security on the starship Enterprise, where every prisoner escapes, knocks out the guard who is not facing him, and takes over the ship.

I thought, "White Settlement?" What part of the world could possibly be that politically incorrect? Should have guessed.

Comical not funny.

Any questions?

Good thief! Bad driver.

How did he get out of the handcuffs?

A young lady who will not be identified because she is my niece once found herself handcuffed behind her back.
My sister was talking to her (probably in the nature of: BAD GIRL!) when the girl got an itch on the top of her head.
She slipped her hand out of the cuffs, scratched her head, and put her hand back in the cuff.
Skinny does it.

Fortunately several of the cops had the presence of mind to jot down his license plate number as he drove off.

A few years back, a teen-age girl in Michigan stopped for DUI did the same thing. I saw it on some cop TV show . They had the dashboard cam on, she was crying and got a few feet before she crashed. You know that officer gets ribbed about it to this day...

If it's the episode I remember, she actually got quite a distance. Or maybe it's a different one. Seems as though this happens with some frequency.

My wife won't let me read this blog anymore if she finds out I'm consorting with folks who watch those police shows.

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