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December 17, 2012


Cops: Domestic Tiff Caused By Husband's Noxious Gas, Wife's Lysol Spray Rejoinder

(Thanks to Dad-O-Lot and Jeff Meyerson)


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Communication is very important along with thoughtfulness and understanding, also issues concerning money.

They will never have a happy marriage until they clear the air, iykwim.

Husband's Noxious Gas W, of course, BAGNFA certain kind of RB. Just sayin'.

Police believe tea was not involved, is how I read it.

Sounds like my son, glowing green cloud and all. She has my complete support.

I saw Noxious Gas open for Lysol Spray Rejoinder.

I blame the beans.

Bravo, sir. You done us proud.

In our home we keep cans of LYsol in key locations all around the house. Never know when the cat will make a stinky.................

That's why I don't have cats

Everybody needs their own bathroom! and they need to go and get in it. Oh, and turn the exhaust fan on, for the love of God.

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