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December 12, 2012


400 urine-stained library books destroyed in Leamington

(Thanks to Arteme)


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If only they had live streaming security cameras with an IP address...

Call the copyright lawyers, stat! Someone wants their I.P. back....

Damn critics. Redefines the term "bathroom reader".

library use has slowed to a trickle

Perhaps it was the art section, and the books were all about French statues

(Sorry the statue of limitations has expired for that joke...)

Or the were books about NASCAR drivers

(Sorry, racing to come up with a pun, had a memory laps...)

As the Hercule Poirot caricature says in Murder by Death, "I'm not a Frenchie, I'm a Belgie!" But never mind that. Explain the picture on the WikiPedia page showing the young delinquent "Dressed as an Organ Builder," and wearing what looks like a cheap BBQ grill on his head.

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