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December 05, 2012


Ontario school using stickers to cover student's genitals in yearbook

This has been the Canadian Education Report.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Ah, another high school yearbook photo stunt goof. At least it isn't my old high school this time...

Students who already received a yearbook can get a sticker to put over the image if they wish, Boles said.

Yeah, right.

in the marching band photo i had a beer bottle on my hat instead of a plume. testicles were concealed, though.

That took b@lls

Fig leaf stickers, I hope.

...one student unzipped his pants, putting his testicles on display for the camera.

As a fellow guy, I just have to ask how it's possible to display the beans without displaying the frank.

Also as a fellow guy, I don't want to know the answer.


Tuck the frank to one side and pull the beans out. The trick works best with button-fly Levi's, with only the lower 2 buttons undone, but I suppose it's possible with a zipper.

Somewhere around here, I have a picture from the 1980s where I and several friends were standing in line at a movie theater with the beans exposed... Nice to know that 16-24yo males of the species think some of our old jokes are still funny.

JSG, just point the frank north keeping it secured by the elastic waistband, bringing the beans out through the slot. (It's an old trick for performing a physical exam of the cajones without any interference from you know who).

BTW, whoever had "never" in the pool for when you would see "testicles" and "Mother Theresa" referenced in the same article - you lose.

Well, thanks, Spiny Norman and Layzeeboy. I plan soon to go into clandestine activity, possibly in Las Vegas, so your guidance, while unwanted and disgusting, may prove...handy. Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!

I had "never" on Intrade.com on that, Layzeeboy. Darn it. But don't darn the fly! Ha ha! OK, I'm done.

This story was more understandable after I realized that the headline said "student's", not "students'". Singular, not plural. As in, not all the students in the book had somehow managed to expose themselves. One, yes, I can understand. But a whole high school full?

What's that? It was Flathead County High? Ah, all is now clear.

Spiny Norman & Layzeeboy - can you guys also explain the prison break FAIL picture? something seems to be popping out there, as well

Won't the stickers act like waxing? OUCH!

Looking through an old high school yearbook there's a picture of a group of students and ... is she holding? Yep. It's pipe. Or a "bowl" as we called them. For smoking "mary jane" as we called it.

lilgirl, it does look like his boys made it through the sheetrock. It looks like the kickstand is what got him stuck, though.

The powers that be glued two pages together in my jr high school yearbook, because the editors had snuck in a full-page photo of six students drinking out of vodka bottles. I think the faculty advisor might have been asked to leave after that incident.


Actually, that looks more like his belly roll (around his navel) got pinched together by the piece of rebar that has him trapped.

I did have to look at that twice though.

I guess the yearbook was a no fly zone.

Bravo, Mikey. You get a Traffic Turkey award for that.

Free up the little guy! Let him flap in the breeze!

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