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December 03, 2012


Land of Excitement

(Thanks to The Perts)


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The first time I saw televised yule logs burrning was in NYC. I think it was cahnnel 9 or 11. They ran it for 3 hours or so on Dec 24 and played Xmas carols. They suggested you put a heat lamp 'under' the TV, facing you so you could enjoy the tradition w/o a fireplace...

Channel 11, JAG. They used to run it annually as you said, took it off for the '90's but then brought it back in 2001. I think it is still on.

Mrs. Log resisted the temptation to name her son Euell.

channel 11. it is on again. majorly stupid. with bad xmas music. i'm jewish... so i never got why anyone would show a picture of a fireplace.... better for santa? huh?

The fire dept. should have sent a video of a firetruck.

Time to dial back the collective brewski, Canada.

One of the upper UHF stations in DC did the fireplace Christmas morning for a long time. My son always had to put it on, even when we had a fireplace.

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