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December 06, 2012


Ke$ha confirms she DID have sex with a ghost

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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Even ghosts do things they later regret.

"Oh, a GHOST? I thought you said a GOAT."

Perhaps the ghost influenced her stunning sense of style.

WARNING - eye bleach will be needed

*snork* padraig.

Did the ghost or goat call 911 after realizing Ke$ha was not up to normal supernatural barnyard hygiene standards?

You will note that the ghost isn't talking.

Pad, I also read that as "GOAT" at first. These are the depths to which we have sunk as a society.

Perhaps only the dead would have sex with her.

Who is this tramp, and should I be concerned that she's might be an escaped mental patient?

Norm, enjoy your ignorance while it's blissful. Trust me, it is.

Google doesn't seem to enlighten me much. As best I can tell, this "Ke$ha" person is a low-rent Jersey Shore Lady Gaga, who is, in turn, a low-rent Jersey Shore Madonna, who is, in turn, a low-rent, Jersey Shore... oh never mind.

Где взять? Может тут кто знает??? подскажите

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