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December 05, 2012


Drunken man fell out of car with his pants down; claimed to be an assassin


Guess the state.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Send him back to South Africa

I had a drunk man show up in the er acting this way about 10 years ago. He dislocated my shoulder. They say he'll be out of intensive care any day now.

More like James Bombed.

Bond. Bottled in Bond.
And, St. Augustine? Only slightly surprised.

The state of severe intoxication.

Secret agent man,
Secret agent man,
They've given you a number,
And taken away your gin.

He is an assassin. He killed at least two bottles of something.

Is it the sun down there or what that shrivels up the geezers like that? We probably have as many old ne're-do-wells up here, but at least some of ours are fat.

It seems to me that we need a clear delineation of the difference between "drunk" and "drunken". I propose that this was a "drunk" man. If he had been "drunken", we should be looking for the beast that drank him.

His hair actually looks well groomed. He also needs to learn how to smile.


Looks like he is missing certain teeth. Perhaps all of them.

You sure that's not Geddy Lee?

No extra work for the Florida DMV. He's probably already got a license...for a while, at least.

@Emmett - Driving drunk gets you an automatic extension.

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