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December 16, 2012


Man in duck mask robbed gas station

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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"It was teal colored mask...." Actually, teal are mostly brown.

Whya no chicken?

That's dethpickable!

"It was teal colored mask with a distinct face," Warrel said. "Somebody might recognize him."

Somebody might recognize him based on the mask's distinctive face?

I'm confused.....

He won't get far on webbed feet.

I suspect it was a woman, not a man. two reason, 5'6" is a little short for a man & like Ralph an no doubt man men, I didn't even know teal was color, I thought it was a duck.

On behalf of short men everywhere, this means war.

max, not necessarily - see Tom Cruise, for instance...

Tom Cruise is teal?

The prosecution asks for remand, your Honor. Subject is a flight risk.

Isn't that a Perry the Platypus mask? Not that I watch cartoons or anything...

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