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December 03, 2012


Actual press release:

Need a good gift for health-conscious family and friends? Give the gift of a better bathroom experience this holiday season with the Squatty Potty, a toilet footstool that makes it easier to assume the squatting position for more effective colon elimination.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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At three for the price of two, it would make a very considerate hostess gift to install at the beginning of any party and leave behind as a reminder of your visit.

Yes, there were no colons used in the promotion of that product!

Me, I'd call it "Squatty:Potty" and see who noticed....

3 stools for the price of 2

They charge you by the stool now? Is there a coin slot or can I just swipe my ATM card?

Helps keep that planet healthy too. You know the one.

Pluto? No, they down-graded it. It's only a minor ...


An absolute essential for the so-called "handicapped-accessible" public stalls.

I think some blogger wives are going to be speechless at Christmas this year.

they're "breaking the silence"!

me too! har!

Apparently that is the best position for, umm, lower regional health. Prevents hemorrhoids (or was that stairoids?) and hernias and such.

I do not intend to test that theory out, however.

They to sell some type of crane device to help the squatters get back up.

I suppose you could swipe your card, but why not use the paper?

I'd have to see an actual stool sample before buying.

I lived in Asia for three years, way back when I was not on the geezer bus. And the effect of squat toilets on my football knees was not good. Plus there was always the concern about 25-foot-long pythons grabbing your dangly bits. I will pass on the squatter pooper, Santa.

I need my colon. I do not want to eliminate it. Thanks.

*snorks* @ all, & you're right, markhh: 'more effective colon elimination' -

guess we've all been poopin semi-colons ;)

and it missed the gift list!

People who use this pee outside the box.

or stink outside the box?

I haven't squatted to potty since I was in Girl Scout camp. Ain't gonna do it now.

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