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December 03, 2012


...along with a snorkel.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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gran needs to stop driving now....

As I understand it, driving through a fence and into a pool is a part of the typical Florida driving test.

I guess she passed.

Define "elderly", please ... I'd like to know when it's time to take the car keys away frum MB(RH?) ...

"Where's your grandmother?"
"She's chillin' in the pool."

I didn't think people in Northbrook would be so into carpools.

Looks like the pool boy hasn't been there in days anyway.

I absolutely HATE people like this who park diagonally so they can take up two parking spaces.

And yet, you get behind someone like this at a traffic light, and they take forever to accelerate.

"Well, Officer, I mistook the brake pedal for the gas doo-hickey, and no matter how hard I stomped on it, the car wouldn't go. I don't know why that fellah behind me was so mad. If you want to ask him, I think I know where he's staying. He said something about the Horseshoe Road Inn."

"elderly" = one who uses the term "foot feed"

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