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November 19, 2012


Indian Textbook Claims Meat Eaters 'Steal, Fight And Turn To Violence And Sex Crimes'

(Thanks to The Perts and Omniskeptic)


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The only time I've ever turned to violence or fighting is if top sirloin is on sale at the grocery store and there are only 2 packs left.

As an Omnivore, when I see a Prius with some lame sitcker that says "In only eat veges." Dam right I drive them off of the road!

And stay off my lawn vege eaters! Oh and Prius drivers too.

India? Hmmm... is this an attempt to explain the Islamic Rage Boy phenomenon without "denigrating religion"?

Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?


No and canabales don't eat clowns cause they taste funny.

spell check failed me again "cannibals.'

I always blame spell check for everything!

There must have been a lot of meat eating going on just before India and Pakistan separated.

It is absolutely true that meat eaters 'Steal, Fight And Turn To Violence And Sex Crimes.' So do plant eaters. The only way to deal with this is to prohibit eating anything at all.


True that! Humans for starvation!

Mikey -- "In only eat veges?" That's, um, Cicero, right? "Silent enim veges inter arma?"

I think the point is that vegetatablevores should just give meat-eaters whatever they want, so the nasty carnivores don't eat them.

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