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November 15, 2012


Police: Allentown man eats drugs hidden in his buttocks

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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crack, of course

ick, just ick

Whole new definition of "crack-head".

Sure, hide the stuff in the one place the police dog is sure to smell.

Well, it seems that he already had his head up his a$$.

When I worked in our local detention center one of the guards came running to my office because one of the prisoners, during a strip search, had pulled an open packet of Benadryl out of his keister and then tried to swallow them. Of course we sent him to the ER. He was fine but he'll never itch again.

new kind of crack called butt crack.

These headlines are beginning to sound like playground bullying. So-and-so would eat kangaroo anus! Billy-Bob eats buttocks drugs! I thought we were trying to expunge this from our schools?

Oh, only the schools? On the Internet, TV, and/or the streets is still fine? Ok.

yuck. just yuck.

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