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November 09, 2012


Semi hauling frozen potatoes bursts into flames

Truck carrying 39,000 pounds of frozen beef crashes into Snake River

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Gonna need a LOT more ketchup

Sorry, no salad, but later on, a truck carrying twenty million kilograms of frozen snake did crash into the Beef River. Will that do?

Dinner is swerved.

Why do we so rarely see tater tots on the menu of the better restaurants?


I have often wondered that myself.

Along with, why do people with the signs "baby on board" think that they can cut you off and because they chose to breed you are supposed to let them get away with it? HUH!

Move the beef over next to the flaming potato truck, and have a barbeque for 39,000 of your closest friends.

There is a pony at my barn named Tater Tot.

"Would like fries with ..... er, nevermind."

The whole area smelled like Dublin.

39,000 pounds of chicken caught fire in NY state --

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