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November 15, 2012


Orlando gun range allows customers to shoot at each other

(Thanks to Chuck Cody, Ed. Floden, Jeff Meyerson and R&L Stevenson)


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Oops, beat me to it. I just sent that in too.

And I even used the same headline.

I love that the owner checks patrons for weapons. Yeah, I'm sure he has a TSA-style scanner going.

So after modification, can we bring the tools to use at the Hunt?


We already have one of these up here. It's called "Detroit." There's even a franchise called "Flint."

For those who feel the Disney World experience is too lame.

It's very popular after a day in Disney, riding "It's a Small World."

I'll be impressed with gun owners (and I am one) when arrangements are made for the deer to shoot back.

They don't now? Then who's been shooting at me all these years? Must be the squirrels.

My thoughts are along the line with Steve -- I support the right to arm bears.

It's listed as " Only A Flesh Wound Enterprises " (OAFW ) on NASDAQ

I don't see a problem here.

I'm with nc...seems like it's only fair to me.

jon. "It's a Small Arms World."

This is obscene.

I am appalled.

In a major Florida city, people just randomly blow each other away, and somebody CHARGES THEM A FEE?

What a ripoff! Gadzooks man, it's FLORIDA. You ain't gotta pay nuthin'. It's all over the place. You know what you call a zombie apocalypse in the Moncrief area of Jacksonville?


Who PAYS for it? Geez.

Reminds me of that saying of my mother's, "it's no fun in the game until someone puts an eye out." At least I think that's what she said, it';s kinda hard to be sure when your brother has his elbow stuffed in your ear.

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