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November 14, 2012


Thai police seize 600 smuggled cobras from a truck

(Thanks to Phil McAvity)


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Ssssssseized? I doubt that anyone sssssseizes cobras. Just sayin'

More handcuffs? I'd suggest clear, resealable, 20-gallon Ziplock bags.

I saw the Cobra Smugglers open for the Possum Droppers on New Year's Eve.

Since they are being released into the wild, could some of them be sent to the Everglades to improve the gene pool?

They also discovered thousands of threatening emails from Paula Broadwell to the cobras. No comment from Gen Petraeus.

You know this ain't no ordinary Chevy.
Engine and suspension ain't the same.
Cobras as you know are very heavy,
And gettin' through is what they call the game.

But it's a dark and rainy night,
And my engine's runnin' right,
And I hope to get to Phukhet before dawn.
If I make it through, gonna see what I have due.
It ain't healthy runnin' cobras very long.

Call Detective Jitpleecheep, he's dealt with this before.

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