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November 11, 2012


Aggressive owls temporarily close Eastside park trail

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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My wife's farmhouse is in the middle of 42 acres of fields and woods. I take the "boys" for a walk most nights about 10, for safety because I figure a coyote wouldn't dare attack me.
Most nights, I can hear the owls calling from one of several tree lines.
On Halloween night, one perched on the roof above my bed and provided absolutely appropriate sound effects for the night.
I like owls.

Remember back when man was near the top of the food chain and the only animals we had to worry about attacking us were tigers and lions?

That's why I keep proposing an alliance. We and the canines and felines and ursines agree not to hunt each other and to split up the ungulates and fish and so on amongst ourselves. The owls and mountain goats and so on are just minor uprisings here and there.

Now, the squirrels, on the other hand ...

Barred Owls often hunt during the daytime, so they tend to be more noticeable than other species. As long as they're not carrying envelopes I don't worry about them.

who knew?

" ...they keep the rat population down. "

Quick, what keeps the owl population down ?

Zombies ?

"It's hormonal". If I had a nickel for every time I've heard that excuse.


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