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November 27, 2012


Risk of robot uprising wiping out human race to be studied

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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The robots are actually better suited than us to handle the Zombie Apocalypse.

Anyone who thinks the machines have not yet turned on us has not driven in my quaint little home town. The buses alone are all the evidence you need.

My wife and I have now both been defeated by our new washer and dryer, so the future is here.
And we're watching it in dirty clothes.

Sounds like some of the East Anglia University professors have migrated to Cambridge.

Arnold will save us ! (The TERMINATOR 2 Arnold, not the TERMINATOR 1 Arnold.)

If they're run by Windoze we have nothing to worry about. ("B43735, you are ordered to take over New York." " Later. I'm on hold with tech support, Supreme Mechanico.")

Give threm Windows 8 and they will all kill themselves.

Think SARS was bad? Wait until the infamous BSOD epidemic of 2025!

(And if you're an IT person, that's an inside joke knee-slapper)

We're all right, as long as they don't ally themselves with the squirrels.

Wait, I just thought of something. If robots take over and replace humans, then the Zombie Apocalypse will be made up of... US! Kinda puts a different slant on things, don't it?

And you thought it was weird when I adopted R2D2. I'm safe.

I'm a Mac user but it's getting fairly expensive for what amounts to a hobby.
Can I get an opinion? Is Windows 8 usable or is it a repeat of Vista?

You will find win 7 pro a better bet, IMAO.

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