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November 09, 2012


...can be found here.

(Thanks to Healthcare Steve)


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more injuries to men? well whooda thunk that!

Shaving injuries? While I admit to the advantages of being well groomed, ain't that cutting it a bit close?

'Genital injuries send 16k people to ERs each year'

course that's just a ballpark figure

After reading this blog for some time, I'm astonished that the total is as low as 16,000. Heck, Florida alone ought to account for that many. Throw in Flathead County, and ... well, you see what I mean.

"I was surprised to find how many injuries from bicycles, personal grooming and bathrooms there were. Those to me were unexpected."

All at once?

So I am NOT the only one?

Ah, memories... One day in high school phys ed., we were playing soccer and I intercepted a free kick. Fortunately, just the ball. Unfortunately...

I find it noteworthy that nursecindy hasn't dropped by this one.

When I was just short of 17, I got thrown out of a car and skidded across the highway on my face.
When the men from the funeral home (yes-little mistake there) picked me up to put me on the litter, it was discovered that the road had removed virtually all of the cloth from the front of my body (men may wince NOW)-except for part of my underwear.
I had many injuries, but thanks to those solid steel undies, only one little bruise, um, there.
Gave me religion for a couple of days.

Let's be careful out there. And in there. And up there. And most of all, down there.

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