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November 09, 2012


Napping man survives after being run over by combine in Montana field

(Thanks to Fred Hudson)


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Send him -- or at least his toes -- to the Yukon.

Considering the noise and ground vibration of a large tractor and combine, I suspect he reaped the benefits of a bottle beforehand. He was probably amaized to see a green Deere instead of pink elephants.

At least it wasn't the bailer.

I fell asleep on the beach once and you should have seen the skin come off of me a couple of days later.
Word of warning: don't stay up 36 hours straight and then go relax on the sand for "a couple of minutes".

Having lived in farm country, I think I'd rather be the guy that was sucked into a jet engine than get run over by a combine. The jet engine only kills you once. The combine chops you up, bales you, and kicks you to the side. That baling wire is REALLY tight, lemme tell ya...

I didn't realize there was a Napping, Montana.

Is that anywhere near Flathead?

Shipment packer to supervisor: "Do these ears look a little small to you?"

Does this bale make me look fat?

Nothing in Montana is near to any other thing. Thus, even more incredible this guy couldn't find a nap space where he wouldn't be run over by a tractor.

larry, lay down anywhere in Montana and sooner or later you'll be run over by something. Combine, tractor, pick-up truck, snowmobile, iceboat, motorcycle, ATV, caribou, whatever. There aren't many people there but they like to keep moving.

Napping Man would be a good secret war name.

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