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November 09, 2012


Now: a tree.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Sort of a cross between the Virgin Mary and The Scream

Well, it's a tree that looks something like a painting of what the painter thought Mary and Jesus looked like, but they don't look much like middle-easterners to me.

definitely the scream, NMUA

What Wood Jesus Do?

I will NOT be saying what that looks like to me, as I tend to get sick in handbaskets that move at warp speed.

Um, no, I don't get Mary from that. I get Cthulhu.

Who's got the handbasket?

attention, anyone in south florida who is interested in either men in kilts or women in kilts, or beer, or food, or meeting up with some of the other bloglits, go here: https://www.experiencethepub.com/pembroke
at 6:30ish.
p.s. first person who gets there should reserve a table for "a large group" ;) so far we have maybe 10 or 12... under the name Dave ;) lol

dang. i'm in albany. will the others who are getting in the handbasket please save me a seat. i wood like to sit next to ligirl.

Can't make it to south FL. Besides I'm still cleaning the empties from the last trip out of the hand-basket.

A different kind of sixpack.

Whoops - pay no attention to the man behind that last comment (wrong thread).

*grabs meanie's sixpack, pushes him out of the hand basket to make room for queensbee*

I'll be there!! But I'm going for the intellectual conversation, judi. NOT the men in kilts or the beer..or the food.

^ we're gonna need more than a sixpack - we're gonna need a basket case

Hey! If I'm leaving, then I'm leaving WITH the sixpack.

*Also grabs the pretzels*

Kinda looks like what happens when I try to flip a fried egg and it sticks to the pan.
Mary and Jesus? Not tree-mendously so,no.

Not sure if this qualifies me for the handbasket or not....if not, it's a first....

*snork* @ all y'all

*reserves seat in handbasket - is it possible to get one on the upper level?*

Hansen must have got hit pretty hard to think that's the Virgin Mary. I bet he thought the pretty lights were angels flying around him!

A six-pack will do that to ya besides a head crack. Still wanna drink?

Man, what circle of hell do you get for chopping down the Jebus tree!?!

Don't think they make a handbasket big enough.

I don't think Turanga Leela is a virgin, anymore.

The Scream dude is holding the Virgin Turtle

Omni and others. You know where you are going don't you?

Scribble, scribble, scribble,

Maybe, Mikey, but we've been in the handbasket so long, it's upholstered for comfort.

Вред от алкоголя

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