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November 21, 2012


#2038: Dolphins off the back balcony

Dolphin pic
(No, this isn't funny. Post "delete" in the comments if you think it should be.)
(Deleted, I mean. Not funny.)
(Or both.)


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Funny or not, I needed it!

Just modify the headline slightly to include the word "Naked" and you'll be fine.

Love the pic, Judi. Thanks for posting it.

The whole team?

Is that you Snowflake?

The Doctor says dolphins are cool. *S*

I love the fact that these types of things still take my breath away. Thank you.

Breathtaking! Thanks for posting it!

This just in: the Ft. Lauderdale City Council, in a 54-52 vote, outlawed nude dolphins. I'm sure this trend will spread, and as they say, the beach is a
family thing.

This is a great respite from the daily idiocy we all suffer from the out of control population of fools. Keep 'em coming, Judi.

Dolphins "on" your back balcony would be better, but this is good

To quote from _Postcards from the Edge_:


If I ever see a dolphin off my back deck, sucker better know how to ice skate.

They call him Flipper, because, you know, he's a dolphin.

No dolphins were annoyed in the making of this post.

Love it! And the beautiful water! Just don't see that color in the Gulf.


'everyone looooooves the King of the Sea.....'!

thank you!

Pure serenity. Thanks Judi I needed it today.

What did you use for bait?

We just got back from St. Maarten, and were never so relaxed. Thanks for the reminder that the go-go life is self-limiting.

Is the dolphin singing karoake? Because that would be funny!
Otherwise, it's just pretty...

Delete , lol Oh brother, we don't check Dave every day to be reminded of real life...we want his huomor and great perspective on life. This belongs on a different blog. I thought I missed the joke and I kept looking for something I missed in the picture. Have a nice vacation Happy Thanksgiving :)

Damn, all we have are snakehead fish and politicians. I refuse to be thankful for either. Much prefer your dolphins. What a treat.

It's a keeper as a sight like that in your back yard is surely something to be thankful for.

I have seen dolphins in the wild put on better shows than the 'trained' ones at Sea World. They are amazing.

Happy Thanksgiving, all you crazy people!

While crossing the Bridge of Lions about 20 years ago, one of my girls shouted, right into my ear of course, that she'd seen a dolphin.
"Congratulations," I said, "you've found your porpoise in life."
That has now become standard in the family when a dolphin is sighted.
Why are your stupidest puns the ones they remember?

Steve, Steve, Steve. That was just _terrible_.

Can I borrow it? It would be a great pun to use at my next staff meeting at work. And it sure beats Office Meeting Bingo.

Pirate, feel free, if you can stand the shame and groans.

Very good. One of the best articles about this theme I ever read.

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