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November 07, 2012


...the health advocacy group found that "33 percent of men in Britain aged between 35 and 60 years are unable to see their penis"

(Thanks to wiredog and Unholy Slacker)


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no mirrors over there?

No comments from our blog guys? I guess they're checking to see if they could pass this test. No pictures please.

most can't see, or won't acknowledge they're (not their) d!cks, either

j/k, guys ;)

What do we have to see it for? As long as we can touch it we're fine.

News We Can Use: the blog comes through again. Dave, I don't quite know how to thank you.

As the old saw goes, in the land of the blind, the man who can see his johnson is king.

Eye care in the UK must be terrible.

Oh, they're talking about men seeing their own schlongs? (I didn't read the article, just the head line.) That makes a certain amount more sense.

In France, 100% of men can't see their balls. But there's a different reason for that.

I was so proud of mine that I built a shed over it

So after 60 what happens?

Humph. John Bobbit could see his and look what good it did him.

Well, he could see it for a while.

Obesity would be indicated if said schlong was, uh...extended...and he STILL couldn't see it....of course, it might also indicate a secondary problem.....

I have to say I went looking for mine after I read this, and managed to find it after only a brief search, with some hard squinting...after I put on my glasses. Whew.

Explains the revolution.

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