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November 15, 2012


Israeli Company Trains Mice To Sniff Out Bombs

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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So many "Working for the Mouse" jokes, but I like my knees too much.

This is really easy, but first you have to make the bombs smell like cheese.

This is ridiculous. Next you'll be telling me that they're using bats to carry incindiary devices!

(I think that's my favorite DB story.)

" After he retired from the vapid world of acting, Mickey finally found meaning in life in his second career... "

Who Moved My CheeseBomb?


Yeah, yeah. In Thailand, they use lizards. Almost any aminal out there has better olfactory apparatus (note that I did not say "smells better") than us. The trick is to get 'em to tell you what it is they're smelling.

Mouse: I'm getting just a hint of nitrates, some residual phosphates ... would it be Semtex, say, a 2009?
Lizard: Perhaps. There's an earthy note, though, that suggests ex-Soviet States.
Scientist: Wrong. It's a men's fragrance, "Psychosis," by Ted Nugent.

What I really wan to see is the mouse testifying in court.

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