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November 12, 2012


If you plan to be there, you can enter the Wacky Team Name contest.

(Please don't enter if you're not going to be there. You can post your entries in the comments section, if you don't mind someone stealing your idea and possibly winning the contest.)


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Darn it, I've got a haircut planned for that week. My entry, "This Is a Wacky Team Name", was sure to win.

sorry. cant make it. have to have all my hats blocked that day.
but if i did want to participate, could my team be called the aunties? ok, no. how about the wonkers. or the wankers. or nanker phelge.

I'm on the wrong coast, so my winning entry (Up for grabs!) is called "Dave should write a book!"

Dammit, Dave, I need more time! To set up a perimeter around the Hunt!

And I was totally going to form the ThighMasterShooters team.

I have to wax my cat but how about team "We Heart Uranus"

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