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November 12, 2012


If you're a veteran, thank you for your service.

If you're a family member of a veteran, thank you for your sacrifice.


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Thank you to all who served and are still serving.

It is hard to leave your families and go into harm's way.

No one can possible understand what you do or have done, but we can say THANK YOU for being the line between us and those who would harm us.


My deepest gratitude.

My new son-in-law spent two tours in Iraq. He never speaks about it. But he's in grad school now, hoping to be a counselor for vets.
That tells me something.
I'll have to buy him dinner.

Thank you on both counts!

Sorry, I meant "YOU'RE WELCOME on both counts!" My husband was in the Navy for 20 years, and our younger son was in the Marines for five years--spent 7 months in Iraq as an interpreter toward the beginning of the war.

I've already celebrated by hugging a veteran. My dad. To say "thank-you" doesn't seem like enough when you consider they are laying down their lives for our country. May we never forget their sacrifices. My eternal gratitude to all past and present veterans.

Thank you.

God bless you all,
God bless America, my home sweet home.

Thanks Dave - I did 31 years and I recall a time when the military was not smiled upon by the general population (Vietnam era). I'm proud of the time I spent in the Navy and I thank all veterans and their families for their service.

Heart-warming to see so many youngsters at the War Memorials yesterday. My Mum's in her 89th year and living with Alzheimers, yet remembers her days as a WWII radar operator like it was yesterday. Hard to find the words.

You're (not your) Welcome.
To think, if it weren't for people like me Defending America...

My primary contribution was to not re-enlist.

Ditto what Dave says. Living near Ft. Jackson (Columbia SC), I hug every veteran and say thank you to everyone in uniform that I encounter. It's a good way to keep busy.

What everybody said. My contribution was not to enlist in the first place, since I would have made a terrible warrior. Spent a lot of time working on and with things to help the real warriors see over the next hill, though. Hope it helped.

Many thanks to those who served and their loved ones. Special thanks to my Dad, 88 year old WWII vet with Alzheimers living in a Veterans' Home. Love ya, Dad. (BTW when I visit him this afternoon I'll have the honor of thanking dozens of them).

Thank you Dad, Uncle Jim and Uncle Don. Don't get caught up there by Grandpa for messing around too much.

Thank you Uncle Bud on this side of the grass.

You are welcome. Glad I went and it is in the past because today it would take several LARGE M.P. s to drag me back and then they could only keep me in chains. hahahahaah

When I was growing up we usually lived on the base. I remember seeing several soldiers being walked to the brig. I wonder if ofg was one of them?

BTW, I have used my vast powers to guarantee that no U.S. Veteran living stateside will receive even a single bill in the mail today!

What the heck, I'll extend that to the Bloglits as well! That's the kind of guy I am.

Seriously, Happy Vets' Day to all current and past military. (Like my dad and uncles.)

NC, not me. Did my time. Just did not want to go back ha. All I had to do was re-up and I would have been on a plane to the paradise of southeast asia for a return trip before the ink even dried on the papers. nope, no thank you.

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