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November 23, 2012


You can't miss it.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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You can't miss that alright. How in the devil did that get in the road?

Thiscouple must be pretty stubborn. Wait until someone has a few too many and drives right through it.

Wait, China? That's not Detroit?

Woah! It's really amazing! I am now really wondering why that thing get in the middle of the road? Gosh!

I'd hate to see the bill when he has to resurface his driveway.

I should make a bid. I bet I could get it pretty cheap.

Load brock.

Man, those communists have lost their touch.

And here we thought those Quebquers were crazy putting telephone poles in the middle of their (not there) roads.

Hard to believe they don't have "eminent domain" in China. Either that or a bulldozer or tank should do the trick.

And get off their lawn...er, pavement.

On the plus side, they have the easiest commute in Zhejiang.

"How to get here? Easy. Take Route 7 until you run into it."

Great view. Plenty of parking. Just seconds from the highway.

Mom? Can I go play at Xio's house? He lives just down the street....

Reminds me of Rt 22 in NJ.

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