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November 21, 2012


Idaho man pleads guilty to shooting at helicopter

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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What, it's not in season?

(Anyone else know Tom Lehrer's "The Hunting Song"?)

Beat me to that punchline.

What wine goes with helicopter?

small arms fire brings down a helo. there's a flashback for you.

Obviously a probe by the World government.

he probably shot at the helicopter, but couldn't remember.
Is it too much to assume that alcohol may have been involved?

The taking of helicopters should be limited to falconry.

How do you stuff and mount a helicopter?
I'm reminded of my wife's idiot cousin who decided to, and did, build a small airplane in his basement.
After it was finished, he discovered...
You fill in the rest.

That'll teach the UN to stay out of Idaho.

"It's dwone season!"
"No, it's helicopter season!"
"Dwone season!"
"Helicopter season!"
"Dwone season!"
"Drone season!"
"Hewicoptew season!" BLAM!

There is a great link on the right-hand side of this article
Police: Cell phone flasher busted with over 28 lbs. of marijuana
Double Duh.

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