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November 01, 2012


Paris mayor declares war on turds and butts

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Apparently they've surrendered. There's lots of other wacky Frenchness on the linked page, but I don't seem to see the referenced topic.

There we go.

“Paris could be an example for the rest of the world.”

It isn't already?

I will believe it when the women start shaving their legs and underarms and wear deodorant.

Exactly my thots, omni' ...

These kinds of situations are often due to a lack of civility

In France? Get outta town.

Our two front strategy will be to devote the majority of our resources to fleeing from the butts; that accomplished, we will then surrender to the turds.

Butts & Turds ... wbagnfa French Jazz Band ...

Also ... there seems to be a unifying theme here ... a connection, if you will allow me that perception ... tho I can't quite put my finger on it ... that's a good thing, right?

is oui oui ok?

Si ligirl.

Where does one throw ones 'iffs' and 'andds'?

Why don't people train their dogs to pick up their butts?

If 10,000 pitbulls with small moustaches and red berets were patrolling the streets of Paris, they would stop this butt (and testicle) problem. Oui.

WWF director Serge Orru

World Wresting Federation?

Seems like an odd choice.

OtheU....I'd say it's a VERY good thing to not put your finger on it.....or in it....

Just sayin'.....

Hadn't planned on it ... I get enuf of that "duty" merely cleanin' up the kennel fer our canine crew ...

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