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November 19, 2012


Woman predicting alien lizard attack on Earth registers a political party

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I for one welcome our new saurian overlords.

I heard it was alien, zombie lizards.

So...what's her plan? "Attacking lizards on the way" isn't much of a platform.

Alien Lizard Attack WBAGNFARB

She has a more solid plan than some of our politicians.
But those lizards better watch out. I've been to more than one backyard barbeque where 'gator tail was served.

Meh. I've seen the TV show...

Apparently Jim Morrison lives and will return with his minions to rule over us.

I thought we already had a "WACK JOB Party. But the more the merrier.

If they are cold blooded like true lizards, I'll be safe in Northern Indiana. Not so lucky you Floridians.

I wish Mrs. Pelosi every success in her new political venture.

"Healing without medicine" Is that like eating without food?

"In the last election the committee refused to register her because she gathered too few signatures."

And not at all because she's out of her tiny mind.

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