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November 26, 2012


Woman faces battery charge after tossing cat, stabbing man

Guess the state.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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'Dimasi was arrested and transported to the Land O'Lakes jail on an aggravated domestic battery charge'.

land o'lakes jail? gotta be 1st degree buttery

Thanks for reminding me that my cell phone needs a battery charge!

Reminds me of the story Truman Capote once told about "dating" a woman who lived in a high rise on the Upper East Side of Manhattan who had a very large dog (Great Dane?) and what happened when he threw the dog a ball that accidentally went off the terrace.

Whoa -- did you get a look at that chick's eyes? Why do all the nut cases live here?

Tossing cat, stabbing man is Ang Lee's new film. Or maybe it's Ken Burns.

I mean who hasn't thought of tossing a cat out the window?

If she'd tossed the guy and stabbed the cat she'd be in real trouble.

And incidentally, I would stay way off her lawn.

I wonder where they're going to put the jumper cable clamps.

If he stepped on her neck, he must be a real lightweight.
She has scary eyes.

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