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November 08, 2012


Fifty wild elephants went on a drunken rampage after downing 18 containers of mahua, a powerful alcoholic brew, in India.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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They're already there.

all trying to forget....

I take back what I said about humans being at the top of the heap.

Probably best to stay away from fifty wild elephants with hangovers.

Or without, for that matter.

You know that sensation the day after you've partaken of a little too much of Mother Nature's nectar?
When you breathe out and detect the distinct aroma of EVERY SINGLE DRINK YOU HAD the night before?
Now, imagine your nose is a breathalyser six feet long...

50 Strays of Grey?

They probably were listening to Karl Rove's version of the election results.

I had no idea elephants lived in fraternity houses.

The 'publicans having ANOTHER CONVENTION?

I'll have what they're having.

I'm guessing Mahua also appears under the name of a revolutionary war patriot or midwestern city or American brewing family in attractive 12 oz cans. Or maybe it's just the sound you hear coming from the bathroom stall when someone's had too much ? ( " Mahua ! " )

"Fifty Drunken Elephants" W, of course, BAGNFARB.

Here, hold my mahua and watch this.

I thought of first they were talking about the House of Representatives, until I noticed it only spoke of
"50" and India....

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