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November 16, 2012


'Cuddle hormone' could keep men faithful

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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"The study found that those men in relationships kept a "much greater distance" of about 10 to 15 centimetres from the woman than their single counterparts - much to the scientists' surprise."

Now, set engineer mode on for a minute with me, here. Is that a TOTAL of 10-15cm distance, or 10-15cm MORE than some average value? Because I'll tell you, folks, 15cm is not a very large value at all. If someone got all up in my grill at that distance, I would either assume that they had a romantic interest or I would be, as Kipling put it, "reaching back, like an American" for my sidearm. Regardless of what hormone they'd been sniffin'.

A 22 gauge shotgun also works. Or so I've been told.

Birdshot to the buttocks, eh?

15 centimeters is very close to 6 inches...Coincidence?


Some guys is more like 6 centimeters.

How to keep your man faithful:

1) Quitchyer bitchin
2) Put out more

I believe Cuddle Hormone open for The Biebs, or maybe it was Manilow.


See that black van in front of your house?

I dunno Omni, those Europics and Asiaites (but not Australiaitites or Africaics) consider "really close" to be a normal speaking distance. Many of them consider US types to be strange because we are only comfortable taking to people far away by their standards. Personally I have problems talking freely to people if I don't have enough distance to get a block up when they throw a punch.

Created through cold fusion?

I thought CH opened for Startled by Lizards.

This doesn't sound like a valid test to me. A 60 out of 100 just standing there? Meah. A 30 out of 100 perfoming the cherry stem trick with her tongue? Then no amount of CH would help. I would be too chicken to do anything, but she would certainly have my attention.

" there are other ways that women can stimulate oxytocin in their male partners..."

Bacon !

Come on Mikey! Let's go in and get Lazy.

max - yeah those of us from the more rural parts of the country tend to want to be an arms length or so back. Middle easterners want to be about 8 inches away. I tend to keep backing away from them and they just want to step up again.

I think this study is BS. Rush L. conservative yeller(or is that 'yello'?) reportedly overdosed and
became addicted to "oxyc" yet it did not, reportedly,
make him any more "cuddly".

Ladies, anyone care to disagree/dispute?

It takes a brain to be affected by Oxytocin, something Rush Windbag and every other pundit lack.

I don't know why, but Elon's comment made me picture Rush trying to get in touch with his feminine side and NONONONONONO.

What did Frost say? "Good fences make good neighbors". Same goes for relationships.

Well, that was the watered-down version that got published. What Frost really said was, "Get off my lawn!"

Here, hold this and be amazed at how fast my oxytocin level goes up.

nc; I assume you meant a 12-gauge. A 22-gauge would be pretty small bore.

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