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November 19, 2012


Today is World Toilet Day.

(Thanks to OCWriter FredKey)


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I flushed twice in celebration.

Low flow toilets have to be flushed twice and sometimes six times.

I'm down with that

I'm flushed with excitement!

Big Whoop. I've got to go buy a snake for my crappy toilet.

Paid my homage this morning.

World toilets are metric. They need to be flushed 2.54 times.

I saw a four-holer at a youth camp one time.
Highpoint of my life, so far.

Reminds me of the honey pots overseas. Diesel fuel under the outhouse pulled out and burned really smells ----I was looking for the right word but that is it, really SMELLS.

Saw a 2 story outhouse once, I recommend the upstairs.

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