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November 18, 2012


The terms of the competition are simple: Hunters in New Mexico have two days this weekend to shoot and kill as many coyotes as they can, and the winners get their choice of a free shotgun or a pair of semi-automatic rifles...

And one protester has even vowed to dress like a coyote to trick hunters into accidentally killing a human.

(Thanks to KJP, who notes, "That'll show 'em.")


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Yeah, and who'll be sorry then, huh?

Well, not Ms. Dressed Like a Coyote, because she'll be pining for the fjords.



Paging the Darwin Awards. We have a nominee!

He (or she) will be a shoo-in for a Darwin Award.

People are upset over the idea of making a contest out of killing an animal that usually lives peacefully alongside residents, said Susan Weiss, 74, who leads the Coexist with Coyotes group in Corrales, N.M.

Apparently, dear Susan Weiss has never had a pet cat or small dog killed and eaten by a coyote in her back yard first thing in the morning. Not a nice way to start the day, I can tell you that.

OTOH, I'd love to see a picture of the Darwin Award contestant, Ms Flukey. I wonder that the over-under is on his (or her) facial hair...

Saw Coexist with Coyotes open for ... oh, hell, I give up.

This is a gimmick to sell guns and ammo; the coyote population has been expanding despite hunting pressure. Humans are nowhere near as effective at controlling them as wolves and mountain lions. If you effectively remove the top predators in an ecosystem, something else will take their place.

Saber-tooth cats would be even better.

How wiley can you get?

Vice President, Sales, Acme Heavy Objects, Inc.: And news from our New Mexico office suggests that we will, in fact, exceed earnings goals in the fourth quarter.

Good luck.
When I go out at night, the coyotes are usually having a rousing party out behind the farm house.
If I walk around to the back, the party suddenly ceases.
If I figure this correctly, they aren't particularly scared. They are being cautious.
They are using their intelligence and that concerns me.

Right on. You don't get to be a non-human carnivore and live in large numbers right next door to humans if you aren't clever about it. As our friends across the Atlantic would say, they've got us sussed.

When you walk out back and they offer you a beer or a lamb chop, that's the time to start worrying.

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