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November 05, 2012


Naked flasher ruins wedding

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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What would you call a clothed flasher?

...or forever hold your piece.

Misplaced organ solo?

Why was it ruined? Does the bride know what she's missing out on now?

*snork* @ Ralph - Praise Him!

oops i mean Hymn of course - 'All rise'....

You may now dis the bride.

If that happened in Texas, large burly friends of the happy couple would have created a lovely bronzed memento for them to use in their garden as a bird perch or possibly as a rake holder in the shed. The flasher? Well, he would be flashless forever more.

@jon - Yea the flasher was the best man.

Some evil part of me...OK, just me, I hope that the bride was a bridezilla insisting on EVERYTHING has to be PERFECT.
My niece was like this. I kept hoping she'd trip.
She didn't.

When I got married years ago I asked for a naked wedding so that everyone would know who the best man REALLY was...my request was rejected.

But seriously, if I had been at that ceremony I would have done my best to introduce the flasher to entirely new dimensions of extreme pain...

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