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November 08, 2012


Fifty Shades of Grey blamed for Windsor baby boom

(Thanks to The Perts)


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The (formerly) Merry Wives of Windsor

should've done an oral book review instead


Tell me there isn't also a spike in babies named "Gray." Or "Shade."

I was skimming that and seemed to read "Musyj said he’s not alone in his ejaculation."
My first thought was "Aha!"

This is exactly why I haven't read this book.

When this book came out, everyone said ‘just wait it’s coming

I will not comment...I will not comment...I will NOT comment

It was January in Windsor, Canada. What else were they going to do, a walking tour of Detroit?

Can't wait to see the effect (not affect) Insane City has on the birth rate!

I predict a major babyboom in the Northeast 9 months from a week ago Monday, and a resurgence in the popularity of the name "Sandy".

The title is funny. Fifty shades of poo.

Let's hope no one ever writes an erotic book for squirrels.

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