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November 03, 2012


Face yoga.


(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Flathead county: someone called in to report a blonde woman in a leotard, making weird faces at passerby.

Or maybe it was this guy in NZ.

For choreographed examples, see the film "Utu, " one of my all-time favorites.

Amateurs should NOT try face yoga at home.

And this is exactly why bratty three year olds don't have wrinkles.

Next: ass yoga?

Ralph - yoga bare?

Making weird faces is fun and all, but somehow, I get the impression that the science behind this is bunk.

Karaoke yoga??


Their faces are going to get stuck like that.
And it's much funnier to watch with the sound off.

Goes a long way toward explaining what the candidates have been up to this last week.

If that's Secretary Clinton, she DOES look younger.

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