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November 20, 2012


Photos of a 72-year-old Chinese man modelling stylish clothes for young women have recently went viral online, after his granddaughter posted them on China’s largest retail website. What started out as a silly joke turned into a massive advertising campaign for her store.


(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Those skirts are awfully short.


I saw that this morning and thought, "I bet Dave will have this one."

But that was pretty much a no-brainer, right?

dude rooks rike a rady

In his defense he does have a cute little figure.

"Photos ... have recently went viral online ..."

NO! You fail English test! You never get outsourced job as Mr. Language Person that way! You fool! Back to making iPhones for you!

Snork at ligirl.

What would happen if he wore those outfits as a Walmart greeter?

the first elderly male model who reached Internet stardom for modelling girls’ clothes

Let the historical record show...

I wondered what Lou Reed was up to these days.

Actually, I think he's a bit too chubby to be a model.

Is that bag a Mulberry? Either way, I want it.

Thank you Omni. That error is like fingernails on a blackboard to me.

On him, it looks good.

Good for him. Take a joke, help your (grandkids), make people smile.
Shoot, I once answered the door with a head full of hair curlers (I had hair, then). How many fathers here wouldn't have done the same?

This just demonstrates the fact that the ideal fashion model today has the build of a 72-year-old grandpa. Ick.

Those Bond girls still look hot, Don't they Mr. Craig?

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