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November 20, 2012


Bizarre muppet-like beast discovered

(Thanks to Ralph)


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yes - 'discovered', & quit

Looks like a Muppet... maybe after a full-body depilatory treatment and a good flogging.

It's a Goldman Sachs customer?

After budget cuts at PBS several of the lesser known Muppets moved to Namibia for the low cost of living and quaint local customs like gunning down animals you don't recognize to eat them. Sadly it never occured to them that they might be mistaken for such an animal.

Did the Telegraph properly credit The Weekly World News for the scoop?

The picture looks more like Gollum to me... Could it be extras from The Hobbit?

Donald Trump made the news again?

They really need to teach these fakers better Photoshop skills.

I already saw this on CNN.

Why am I reminded of "Alien Autopsy"?

A monkey with mange?

"..stumbled across several of the creatures in dense jungle."?? In Namibia?

Guin, it's because I retired. Would have gotten an F minus from me.

It probably did inappropriate things with children, too.

Phil, yes, that's one minor problem with the story, the notion that there's much if any "dense jungle" in the Namib. Even the stuff that looks green in overhead imagery is actually black basalt, I believe. Not a verdant part of Africa. Now, if they'd been up in the DRC, they might have stumbled on these cuddly guys, but then we'd never have heard about it.

I thought it said "Muppet-like breast" and I was intrigued. Now, not so much.

Bill Cunningham?

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