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November 16, 2012


US Secret Service startled by lizards

(Thanks to Phil McAvity)


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There are lots of cold-blooded creatures in DC

These guys are making us so, so proud.

They thought those were Komodo dragons? In Bangkok? Whatthehell?

Are they recruiting from the TSA now?

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

Oh, LIZARD. Never mind.

I think they spelled ordnance wrong.

We have always enjoyed watching the anole lizards on the patio at our place in Florida.
Then, one day, we realized that they were out there WATCHING US.
Cue Twilight Zone theme.


As long as there is a barrier, such as a moat and an electric fence, between me and any lizard, I am fine.

any word from France?

" Thai officials calmed their nerves, explaining to them the creatures are relatively harmless. "

They only eat lying politicians.

The US went on Terror Code green, then brown, then grey, then brownish-green...

They mistook them for the ferocious, carnivorous komodo dragons found in parts of Indonesia, a Government House source said.

It would have been a good way to make sure they don't
try to cheat the hookers screw up.

How many good people do we have to lose before the real meaning behind "relatively harmless" is realized?

I read, "started by lizards" at first. Lizards protecting lizards would make sense.

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