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November 15, 2012


People tend to spend crisp, new paper money before old, dirty and crumpled bills, Canadian researchers said in studies published Wednesday.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Since when?

Old Dirty Crumpled Bill? I know him well. Lives right down the block.

I've always felt that the relationship was too short to pay much attention.

Gotta save the crisp ones for the vending machines. The ladies working at the clubs (to pay their college tuition, I'm told) don't seem to care if the are crumpled or not.

Old Dirty Crumpled Bill? I know him well. Lives right down the block.

That's an awfully familiar way to describe the former President...

*snork* @ Spiny -

course, I wouldn't TOUCH THAT wad of bill's



maybe i didn't punctuate that correctly....

This from the country that spent so many 2$ bills that they had to come up with a 2$ coin?

If the ink's still wet, it's too soon to spend it.

Tell that to the gubmint, Elmo. ;-)

Do what I do. Wash it. My husband once cashed his paycheck and for some reason stuck the cash in his pocket. He came home and I had money hanging up everywhere in the kitchen so it would dry. He asked me if I was laundering money again.

This discussion about Bill Clinton's wad makes me feel in need of decontamination.

How did an article on dirty money end up with so many sexual innuendos ? We should all go home, read the Good Book, and turn on Entertainment Tonight to see if any other hot babes are harassing our Generals.

Yep, them old grungy bills are called "stripper dollars" where I come from.

I myself am not saying a thing about ol' Bill. After all, he's in a fair way to becoming the first person to be both President and First Gentleman.

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