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November 17, 2012


Brad Meltzer spoke for a while, explaining in some detail that Dave is old.


Some people thought this was amusing, some did not.


Eventually, we went to lunch...


...and shopped for books.



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Let's see Nook replicate the ambiance of that musty shopping experience.

That is one goofy looking pig.

I'd kind of like to have the "Massage Your Dog" book. Dave, you never age. You're as handsome now as you were 20 years ago. We have a FB blogits page and this has been brought up a couple of times. We would like to know your secret.

*ditto NC*

Dave's books were in every section except "Chess." As was Dave.

And Omni? That is a Wisconsin pig. The only way it could be more beautiful would be if it was smoked, sliced, and wrapped in plastic.

shhh, PETA will hear you.

That pig could take care of that bacon shortage we've been hearing about.

Dave may be old, but that Brian guy is bald. Dave has WAY better hair. Hmmpf.

So true Guin.

Dave is not old. He is aging gracefully. Age is in your mind anyway. I wish Dave was coming to Mitch's radiothon on Nov 27th. I don't think he likes our weather this time of year. It would be nice though if he would come. I always wanted to meet Dave. He will probably be on the phone or Skype or whatever.

In the top picture it looks like Brad's crotch is exploding. I hope he was not talking about Dave at the time.

yes theresa, he will be skyping i think.

Well, thanks Judi for letting me know. I wish that when his book comes out in Jan. he would do a book tour in Michigan sometime but maybe it's too cold for him. Dave is so funny. I wish him well.

well, dave was wuuuunderful. those guys from the onion were just too fulla themselves.

Number of Dave Barry books that I own: All of them.
Number of Brad Meltzer books that I own: Zero

Bald men who are hot: Patrick Stewart. Taye Diggs. Sean Connery.

I don't see Brad Meltzer on that list. So sorry.

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