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November 21, 2012


In this shudder-inducing preview of "Killer Karaoke," a new show which premieres Friday, behold this valiant gal trying to belt out "Redneck Woman" while being dunked in a tank of snakes.

(Thanks to W. von Papineau)


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This could only have been better if Lindsay Lohan had been one of the snakes.

It's filmed in a Scottish Loo?

That was totally sick.

Excuse me while I go set my DVR.

Proud to be a human.

I won't watch anything like this until someone agrees to dunk Ted Nugent into a tank of feral pigs.

"If there are 7,000 pigs running around Michigan, I'm a gay banjo player in a hee-haw band," Nugent said.

I did not make that up.

Wonderful, another show to put on my "BE SURE TO NEVER WATCH" list, I guess it can replace Jersey Shore since I heard that had been taken off the air???????????

Another Donald Trump press conference...?

Cruelty to animals -- snakes do not deserve to be afflicted with country music.

Now, now. If they combined this with Jersey Shore and made the snakes cobras, I think they've got a winning concept.

We're gonna need more... harmony?

You reckon Saint Patrick played a banjo? That would have done the trick.

For anyone who was on the fence about this one, perhaps this rave review from the New York Times will show you the light:

We critics do not toss around the phrase “greatest show in television history” lightly, partly because those of us under the age of 70 have not seen every show in television history. But no other phrase will do to describe “Killer Karaoke,” a deranged series arriving Friday on truTV that is simultaneously the highest possible use of the medium and the most profound statement ever made about the human condition. Also, it’s hilarious, in an I’m-ashamed-to-be-laughing-at-this sort of way.

I know I'll be watching if only for this:

And there hasn’t been a funnier two minutes on television this year than the segment in which a game Georgia fellow named Michael Daniel performs the Allman Brothers classic “Ramblin’ Man” singing-waiter style while being electroshocked. If you like that sort of thing.

You know that you do.

Probably beats your regular, garden variety karaoke. That said, I'll still pass.

Just when I thought that the creative TV people had run out of good ideas.

If you think battery cables to the genitals are hi-larious, too.

Loudmouth, I find it amazing what humiliation some people will embrace in order to get their 15 minutes of fame, or even just attention.

Not many people know that the literal translation of the word "karaoke" is "waterboarding the audience".
My daughter enjoys performing karaoke but she's the one who couldn't carry a tune if it were sewn to the palm of her hand.

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