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November 09, 2012


Scientists are deliberately breeding snakes with tentacles.

(Thanks to Wolfsong)


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What could possibly go wrong?

"The unusual aquatic species from Southeast Asia is not endangered, but researchers say it's poorly understood."

As are the researchers.

I can live with this, I guess, but: NO THUMBS!

This blog always keeps us in the know of the latest science accomplishments.

Put one in my cocktail, please

Cross and snake with an octopus and what do you get?

All together now....a lawyer.

Send them to Washington!

Huh. Snidely Whiplash is a snake.
Or is that redundant?

I saw Snakes With Tentacles open for Ted Nugent.

They also opened for Zappa on his 1984 tour.

Baby Snakes?

When only snakes have tentacles....then only .....not sure where to go with this......

This Friday! On SyFy!

Please join us in petitioning for an immediate end to this research. Thank you.


Indiana Jones
Samuel L. Jackson
The American Mongoose Society

"Within a few hours of being born, the snakes were already acting like adults,"

Hanging out at WalMart and playing shuffle board...?

... while cooking meth, naked?

Could the tentacles be grafted on, oh, I don't know, something like Walter? Because that would be a great party toy.

Breaks the ice at naughty parties ...

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